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A. Training Objectives

This major aims to train foreign students to be proficient in the basic skills of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing and understand traditional Chinese culture and contemporary social customs. After completing their studies, the students should have the ability to use Chinese for the further study of Chinese society, economy and culture, to enter Chinese universities for professional study, and to work on basic Chinese teaching, economic and trade cultural exchanges, etc.


B. Training Requirements

Students in this major are required to receive good training in Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, to learn basic knowledge of Chinese and Chinese culture, and to understand important aspects of Chinese society and culture.


After finishing their studies, the students should acquire relevant knowledge and abilities in the following aspects: 1. Use Chinese in a correct, fluent and decent manner for communication and has a high ability to listen, speak, read, write and translate in Chinese; 2. Master basic knowledge of Chinese and Chinese culture; 3. Understand China's national conditions, Chinese customs, social etiquette, etc., and adapt to living in China; 4. Use Chinese for professional studies and related research, as well as for cultural, educational, economic and trade work.


C. Academic System and Credits

The total study time is 4 and a half years. The Chinese teaching starting from the beginner level is divided into nine grades of 100, 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302, 401 and 402. The students are divided into different classes according to their actual Chinese levels every semester, and after completing studies of 1 specific semester or more, they will obtain the grades and credits of the corresponding grade.


D. Degree

Long-term students can obtain a certificate of study after completing their studies as required and will not be granted a degree.

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